Shipping With ACBL

ACBL provides complete supply chain solutions to meet your business needs as they evolve. Our wide range of service options include:


A contract for a movement of cargo within ACBL’s mainline system over a specified time period. This is the lowest cost service option.

Dedicated Barges

Dedicated barges are available to a customer to load as determined by the terms of their contract, ensuring availability during potential shortages in barge supply.


A customer’s barges are moved from origin to destination with a single towboat, bypassing fleeting at river interchanges to provide the fastest service option.

Contract Towing

Towing of third-party barges.

Barge Management

Management of barge maintenance and regulatory compliance for third-party customers.


A network of terminals with dry or liquid transloading capabilities and access to railroads and highways for multi-modal transportation.

Industrial Development

Assistance with business expansion, including site selection and construction of docks and terminals.  

Repair and Dry Dock

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