Shipping With ACBL

Terminals & River Codes

ACBL Terminals – Extending Your Reach Beyond the River

ACBL’s network of strategically located transloading and storage terminals extends your reach beyond the river. With our complete supply chain solutions, you have the agility to take advantage of the economic and environmental benefits of barging even when your loading origin and/or unloading destination are not located on the water.

ACBL Terminal – Memphis, TN

  • Build to suit with capability of 200,000 bbls of storage capacity
  • Ability to handle diverse liquid cargoes, including vegetable oils, molasses and used oil
  • Barge loading/unloading to truck/tank
  • Transfer capacity of two barges simultaneously
  • Waste water disposal
  • Barge steaming services

ACBL Coal Terminal – St. Louis, MO

  • Transloading of coal from railcars to barges
  • 6,000 tons per hour loading capability
  • Dual chute barge loader
  • Stacker/reclaimer
  • Rotary dump house
  • Long and short-term ground storage
  • Two parallel bays with total combined capacity of 500,000 tons

ACBL Terminal Development Opportunity – West Memphis, AR

  • Over 700 acres available to lease for development of independent terminal operations
  • Located on the protected side of the St. Francis Levee
  • Close access to multiple rail lines and interstate highways

To learn more about ACBL’s terminal network, contact:

  • ACBL Liquids Terminal – Memphis, TN – Stacey Thomas, Facility Manager, 901-774-5460
  • ACBL Coal Terminal – St. Louis, MO – Dave Evans, Facility Manager, 314-389-1500
  • ACBL Terminal Development Opportunity – West Memphis, AR – George Piccioni, Sr. Director Business Development, 614-579-5960

River Code System

The inland barge transportation industry uses a river code system to identify pick-up and delivery locations for barges. Two-letter codes identify the location of rivers, canals, segments, and mile markers along the 7,200 miles of U.S. inland waterways. For example, ACBL’s corporate headquarters in Jeffersonville, IN is located on the Ohio River, 602.20 miles from the eastern-most origin of the river, with a river code of OR602.20. Below is a listing of the river codes for the inland waterways served by ACBL.

Allegheny River ARMinnesota River MN
Arkansas River AKMonongahela River MR
Bayou Teche WC 151.00-WC156.00 Neches River WC276.40-WC298.00
Big Sandy River BSOhio River OR
Port Lavaca Area WC489.00-WC492.10 Port Allen Canal PA
Cumberland River CRPearl River PR
Gulf Intracoastal
Canal – East
ECSanitary Canal SC
Green River GRSag Canal SG
Houston Ship
HCTennessee Chute TC
Hiwassee River HRTennessee River TR
Illinois River IRTennessee-Tombigbee Waterway TT
Kaskaskia River KKUpper Mississippi River UM
Kanawha River KRGulf Intracoastal Canal – West WC
Lower Mississippi
LMWolfe River WO
Licking River LRWarrior-Tombigbee Waterway WT
Mermentau River WC151.00-WC240.90 Red River RR